Introduction to precision

Recognising that kicking in AFL is one of the most challenging skills to learn, Sherrin has partnered exclusively with AFL Premiership Coach and PE Teacher Mark Williams, to launch Sherrin Precision. The brainchild of Mark Williams, the Precision concept features a larger sweet spot on each end of the Sherrin (red dots) which provides a greater area for the foot to connect with and a visual aid for the player to understand the ideal impact zone on their foot.

The product also features a yellow spin line designed to provide immediate feedback to the player. When a player connects successfully with these sweet spots, the Sherrin will continue in the designated flight path and spinning pattern to hit the desired target.

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The basics of kicking

The basics of kicking form the foundation for all kicking techniques. Always refer back to these basic points if having issues or problems – these hold the key to success. To become an elite kick, these steps below must be perfected.

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Beginners - One-step kick

One step kick is the first progression of the kicking phases. It is ideal for those players who have been playing AFL for under 3 years. Remember that you don’t need to do all the stages at once. You need to work through each step and get them right before you progress to the next one. It’s natural for a player to get frustrated and take some time to perfect these steps.

You may need to assist the player in demonstrating the steps involved or show them the instructional video. Hold a player’s hand and guide them through the steps. You may need to assist with each step involved until the player understands and then shows some success. Praise and feedback even on minor improvements are vital.

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Beginners - 3-5 step kick

Once a player has mastered the one-step kick, they are ready to move onto the next kicking phase; the 3-5 step kick. This kicking technique is most suitable for players that have been in the game for under 3 years. Remember to get the basics right first.

The 3-5 step kick is outlined in this video.

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Advanced - Kicking on run

Once the 3-5 step kick has been mastered by a player, it is time to move onto Advanced kicking - “kicking on the run”. This will take some time to perfect. Adjustments to distance, speed, height all take many weeks of practice and do not come easy. It’s more about trial and error, so stick with it. This will be a challenge but enjoy it.

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Elite Kicking - 90 degree, one-step kick

The last progression of the kicking phase; “1 step kicking to a teammate at 90 degrees” is the most difficult. Remember to only attempt this kick when all other kicking progression phases are mastered. This Elite Kick is very difficult to perform consistently. To showcase the elite kicking, Sherrin bought in a superstar of the game; Dustin Martin.

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Common kicking problems and solutions

Below is a table that outlines the common kicking problems that can occur, as well as solutions to correct them.

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Kicking drills and solutions

There are a range of drills players can use to help master their kicking technique. Each drill below refers to a specific, common problem that can occur. Before you view these drills, it is important to remember to keep going back to the basics and re-learn the kicking techniques.

Ensure you keep feedback one-to-one between a player and coach where trust has been established. (don’t mix the messaging)

HAND GRIP & MOTION (Hand on Ball Drill)

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Giving Feedback

Feedback is an important component of learning how to kick. When providing feedback to a player we suggest the below guidelines are followed. One option you can consider is using an iPhone/iPad (or similar) to film a player’s kicking technique to provide immediate feedback. When a player can see themselves in action, they can believe and understand what they are doing.

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The Kick Doctor - Footy Mentoring

Want to receive one-on-one coaching, feedback or mentoring from Mark Williams?

The Kick Doctor is designed for players, coaches, parents and teachers and is an exclusive mentoring opportunity to help your game.

To find out more visit -

Precision Kicking Drills with Chelsea Randall

Hey guys, Chelsea Randall here Adelaide Crows captain. Just wanted to give you a couple of little drills that you can do whilst kicking your Precision football. Drill No:1 is how many times you can hit an object in one minute. 

Speed Kicking with Chelsea Randall

This drill is called Speed Kick and is mainly about footwork and pushing back off the mark, moving around the cone and trying to hit and deliver the ball as fast and as accurately as possible. 

Training in isolation with Precision

Mark Williams and Dylan Shiel work through training drills to help players at all levels improve their game during isolation.

Learning how to bounce a football

Another thing that really helps with ball control and getting the ball in the right place is learning how to bounce a football. Mark Williams and Dylan Shiel work through the skills of bouncing a football by showing you the correct technique.