4. Advanced - Kicking on run

Once the 3-5 step kick has been mastered by a player, it is time to move onto Advanced kicking - “kicking on the run”. This will take some time to perfect. Adjustments to distance, speed, height all take many weeks of practice and do not come easy. It’s more about trial and error, so stick with it. This will be a challenge but enjoy it.


Advance photo
1. Get the basics right first – the correct grip, set your feet, look at your target (Quickly adjust the ball from the various way you may have received it – i.e off the ground, from a mark or a handball) 2. Track your teammates – adjust for the speed and angle of the lead, work out how fast the target is running, as well as how far you need to kick in front of your teammate 3. Jog or run, get your balance, keep the ball in the channel and then kick through the ball. (It is vital to trust the kick and don’t look up early) 4. Follow through directly to the target – this involves 3 or 4 steps after the kick (It is crucial to not step offline, or this will make the ball spin violently away from the target)
As players develop this kicking phase, they need to be able to successfully execute their kick within the game like situations that have distractions, outside influences and pressures. The “Kicking in the bubble” concept teaches players how to cope with these elements.


To understand further about how to keep the ball in the channel, view these tips and advice:
Note: If a player is having issues with mastering this kicking phase, we suggest you refer back to the common kicking problems and re-visit the kicking basics.