Introducing Face Footys

The newest way to learn how to kick and have fun playing footy! Developed in partnership with AFL Superstar Rory Sloane, and ex-AFL Superstar James Podsiadly, Face Footys make kicking simple and enjoyable.

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NEW! Goldie & Rusty

Newest Face Footy family members Goldie and Rusty are twins that love the rough and tumble of the game.

No matter the weather conditions or situation, these two are up for the challenge.

Made from a synthetic material Goldie and Rusty are perfect for kicking on grass at local footy clubs/schools and the ideal training ball for Junior footy club coaches.

kicking made simple and fun

For those new to the sport, kicking a drop punt is one of the most fundamental skills in footy, however it is one of the hardest to master, especially for young kids. With Face Footys, we have simplified the drop punt to 3 key actions:

Just cover the ears, point the nose and kick the chin!


Features & Benefits

Coming in six fun, colourful and eye catching designs Face Footys are made to get young kids excited about playing footy and to make it easier for coaching future stars of the game.

- Suitable for kids aged 5-11 years
- Made from easy to grip material
- Recommended for play on grass
- Available in 6 different colours
- From $29.99

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I love the idea of Face Footys because it makes the teaching process so simple.

- Israel - Parent

Face Footys is a game-changer and will change the way kids play footy, for years to come.

- James Podsiadly

I’ve seen first-hand how effective these simple steps are in not only teaching kids how to kick a footy, but also how parents and coaches teach children.

- Rory Sloane

Face Footys revolutionise kicking and from a young age the future stars of the game can learn how to kick in the simplest form. Something I wish I had when I was younger.

- Chloe Molloy

Meet the crew

Say hello to the Face Footys family, your new best friends when learning to kick.


Rusty or Goldie


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1 Synthetic Face Footys
For kicking down at the oval

12 Ball Training Bundle


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12 Synthetic Face Footys
For coaches and clubs

24 Ball Training Bundle


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24 Synthetic Face Footys
For coaches and clubs

50 Ball Training Bundle


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50 Synthetic Face Footys
For coaches and clubs