1. The basics of kicking

The basics of kicking form the foundation for all kicking techniques. Always refer back to these basic points if having issues or problems – these hold the key to success. To become an elite kick, these steps below must be perfected.


The Basics
  1. The Grip – spread the fingers of your guiding hand – "load the gun"
  2. Look, search and set the feet quickly – Find your teammate (consider their speed and your opponent’s position)
  3. Carry the ball in the channel and build momentum towards your target (keep the ball over your kicking leg)
  4. Look down at the sweet spot and hit the red dot on the Sherrin
  5. Kick the Sherrin - Point your toe and connect with the top of your foot
  6. Only look up now – check the yellow spin line and flight of the ball
  7. Your body weight must move forward and follow through towards the target.

It is important to re-visit these steps if a player is experiencing difficulty at any kicking progression phase.

Note: When we refer to the plant foot, we talking about the foot planted on the ground at the kicking point. (the opposite foot to the kicking foot)