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Designed by AFL Premiership Winning Coach Mark Williams

Recognising that kicking in AFL is one of the most challenging skills to learn, Sherrin has partnered exclusively with AFL Premiership Coach and PE Teacher Mark Williams, to launch Sherrin Precision. The brainchild of Mark Williams, the Precision concept features a larger sweet spot on each end of the Sherrin (red dots) which provides a greater area for the foot to connect with and a visual aid for the player to understand the ideal impact zone on their foot.The product also features a yellow spin line designed to provide immediate feedback to the player. When a player connects successfully with these sweet spots, the Sherrin will continue in the designated flight path and spinning pattern to hit the desired target.

Get exclusive access of a unique online training module that features skills content, videos and tips to improve AFL kickingĀ here. This exclusive content has been produced to assist coaches, parents and teachers to become more comfortable and confident with their instruction and feedback, which in turn improves their players' kicking efficiency. These insights will help you notice common kicking faults and provide suggestions on how to correct them.

Sherrin Precision is designed for players and coaches at all levels, as well as teachers and parents that are instructing the game