Training Accessories

Ensure your Footy is Pumped up and Flying Straight

There’s nothing worse than kicking a deflated footy. It can cause havoc to your foot, and let’s be honest, what’s the point in playing with a flat ball? You won’t be able to practice your bounces, and it couldn’t be further from getting you ready for game day. Take care of your Sherrin by keeping it at the exact pressure it needs to be by using an air pump and pressure gauge. For those of you who’ve used a ball pump before, you’ve more than likely snapped a needle before, so we’ve got you covered with extra inflation needles too.

When it’s got the perfect psi in it, get your hand balls up to scratch with our pop-up target in between practicing your long bombs for goal. It’s not all about your kick, so make sure you polish up all areas of your game!

Historically sculpted brilliance

If you were over 135 years old, you’d probably be impressively wise. While no person here at Sherrin is actually 135 years old, we have been making footys collectively since 1880. Over these many years, we’ve made sure the quality of every single product, whether it’s a footy or one of the many other products we have available, is nothing but the best. So when you buy from us, you can be confident in the knowledge that you’ve bought quality.

Go with the choice of legends

For the largest range of different footys out there, Sherrin’s the place to go. We’ve been the choice of the AFL since the late 1800’s because we know footballs. Whether you’re looking for something to suit kids, a regulation game ball, or anything else, we’ve got it. We’ve even got a footy-themed bean bag that any fan would love.